We are more than just a firearms manufacturer and dealer. And although we provide exceptional service to our customers at great prices, we are also a community enriching business who are proud to provide & promote products, training, and educational resources that not only empower people to exercise their constitutional right to protect their family and loved ones, but also provide communities with firearm education and self defense and survival techniques. 

We’re more than your typical gun shop. We are a community inspired, customer driven, family owned and operated business. We are proud to be a minority owned gun manufacturer and dealer and we partner with many agencies and social justice groups to encourage dialog and systematic change to impact the world we live in. Not only do we believe in the right to defend but also the right to protect, because everyone deserves the right to live! IUS VIVERE!

Our goal is to empower individuals to legally and lawfully own and carry as well as take the additional steps to ensure they are proficiently trained to use the tools that they invest in. We teach survival training, tactics as well as host survival training weekends for youth geared at teaching kids the skills necessary to survive in a world if the lights go out. 


Building a gun is easy. Crafting a system designed to function specifically to the task; that’s our specialty. We take pride in the fact that you’ve considered us to build your next weapon system. Let us give you a peek at how we accomplish this task in 6 purposeful and intentional steps.


We start our process by determining what your specific needs are. EDC, training, hunting, self-defense? What ammo are you using? What's your intended range? What accessories are you intending of using? Every detail is important as it can alter the overall focus and purpose of your weapon.


We take pride in presenting you with a digital mock up of what your custom build will look like. And if you're not satisfied, we'll make whatever adjustments we can to make it better than you imagined.


Hand-crafted; we tighten every screw, tap every pin and spray every finish. From parts to finished product to testing, we aim at doing everything in house and under strict quality control. 


Designed, approved, built & tested, your custom firearm is ready to ship and begin it's purpose. Safe and securely packaged, we keep a close eye on all packages sent to make sure that you get it the same way it left us.


Now comes the fun part. You've waited long enough; get out there and put some rounds through it, carry it around a bit, run simulations, drag it, run it, push it to the limit. Whatever it takes to ensure that it will work in your intended situations. 


We believe that even after you're satisfied, the job's not done. Your build team will sit and debrief on aspects of your firearm to ensure that all goals were achieved and find out areas where we could improve. Any feedback from you will be reviewed to make sure that our customers are always happy and any issues can be resolved and perfected so they're not repeated.