A: We are open almost every Monday-Friday with some holiday exceptions. Our shop is not open for customer shopping so an appointment will need to be set for in shop pickups/trasnfers. 

A: Our transfer fees are $15 per firearm. Yep that's right. $15.00. 

A: Yes. While we thank you for your service, all law enforcement personnel will still be required to complete a 4473 in order to receive their firearm.

A: Yes. As of March 2020 the ATF issued an open letter to ALL Michigan FFLs directing them that the MI CPL is no longer acceptable for NICS. As such, all CPL holders will need to have a 4473 completed and return proceed in order to receive their firearm without delay. You can read the BATFE letter here.

A: Currently we do not have our SOT and as such we are not able to process any forms for suppersors, SBRs/SBSs, silencers, etc. We plan to have our SOT shortly and will update our website when we are approved.

A: As with most shops right now, inventory is low. While we are doing our best to stay stocked on firearms, sometimes we sell faster than manufacturers/distributors can ship to us. As such  we don't have timeframes on many items. We recommend signing up for updates when products will be back in stock.

A: Yes and no. Yes you can absolutely purchase a firearm from us, however handguns/pistols can only be transferred to residents of Michigan. We can ship your purchased pistol to a FFL in your state and they will be able to facilitate the transfer for you. Long guns and rifles can be transferred to residents outside of the state without issue.

A: We have partnered with dealers in various states to help grow and support small businesses. These dealers support community based initiatives that are central to Democratic Arms mission, and as a result we offer free transfer fees to incoming transfers from those dealers.

Yes we offer cerakoting. This can either be on a firearm we build or a customer drop off. From designing to spraying, we'll take care of you. Contact us at customerservice@democraticarms.co for a qoute.