• Incoming Transfer
  • Outgoing Transfer
  • 4473s & Transfer Fees
  • 3rd Party Transactions

We like to keep our process as simple as possible. For incoming transfers simply have your dealer email us a signed copy of their FFL License to ffl@democraticarms.co

Once we receive and confirm their information, we will send them a copy of our license and prepare to receive your firearm(s). Once received and logged into our system, we will contact you to arrange a time for you to come in and complete the 4473 and pickup your item(s). 

All incoming transfers are $15 per transfer. 

Our outgoing transfer process is a little more in depth but still relatively easy.

Simply fill out our outbound transfer form, drop off your firearm and we will do the rest! We will contact  your dealer and request a copy of their license. Once it is verified, we will prepare and ship your firearm(s) along with tracking information. 

Firearms and serialized lowers will only be mailed to the FFL Dealer. Non-serialized items can be mailed directly to you, but if a firearm is included in the order, the entire order will be sent to your FFL.

In the event the firearm is sent back to us,  will charge you for any additional shipping to send the firearm back out. 

Every person purchasing a firearm from us will need to complete a Firearm Transaction Record, better known as a 4473 or background check. 

While there is no charge for a 4473 when you purchase a firearm from us, all incoming transfers will be charged $15 per transaction for a background check. 

As of March 2020, all Michigan CPL holders are required to complete a 4473.

If a background check returns as delayed, the firearm will be held for 3 days until either a proceed or deny is issued. If after 3 days we have not received approval, Democratic Arms LLC will at it's discretion release the firearm to the transferee or return it to the shipper/originating dealer. We will not be responsible for any return fees accrued for returned items.

Every now and then we are asked to facilitate a third party transfer. This is simply us running a background check prior to a private party transferring a firearm to another private party. 

Private party transfers are still $15 and is usually paid by the receiving party as they complete the 4473. Both parties will need to be present and present identification. In the event the receiving party is delayed, the firearm will be held for 3 days until the outcome is determined. If it is denied, the original owner can come and pick up the firearm.